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A three-episode digital graphic novel that teaches kids the basics of coding. No experience required!

Digital Graphic Novel

Compelling and suspenseful story. Unexpected heroes and villains. Evocative soundtrack. 

Print Book Available

Love the story and want your very own copy? Dystopia 2153 is also available in the traditional print format for who loves books.

Are You Ready for Dystopia 2153?

Do you like graphic novels or comic books? Are you interested in learning to code? If you answered, yes, then you'll love Dystopia 2153! This brand new, three-episode series teaches kids the basics of coding through a digital graphic novel. It connects 21st Century skills with the love of reading. Use code to solve puzzles that help the characters overcome obstacles and escape their dystopian world.

Inspiring the next generation of coders and storytellers

Coding is cool; it's everywhere. Coding appears on curricula of countries around the world. Every 21st Century learner needs to embrace emerging technologies in a globally competitive workforce. Basic coding, abstract thinking, problem-solving, and creativity help prepare kids for future jobs.


The Story

The year is 2153. In a world run by evil bots, it's dangerous to be human. Desperate to escape, Lance, Freya, and their friends are trapped in the Rathouse Orphange. Follow their quest to code their way out with the help of Chiclet, a pet robot who may hold the key to freedom. Will the kids succeed or will they be caught by BASH the evil robot commander, and Harry Mole, his mad scientist sidekick?


The Blocks

Dystopia 2153 is powered by Google's Blockly and features 10 different levels for each coding puzzle. If you're a beginner, don't worry, Chiclet can help you through all the levels. And if you're an expert, show off your coding skills by beating Chiclet's high score.


Get Your Own Copy

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Want to use Dystopia 2153 for a workshop or classroom? Special pricing avaialble for coding clubs, camps, and schools!


Rave Reviews

The artwork is exquisitely dark and beautiful. The coding lessons are well thought out and I appreciate all the opportunities to practice while levelling up.

Iain Brodie Grade 7/8 Teacher, Toronto District School Board

A dystopian future is common in graphic novels however, the execution is what makes this interesting and unique from most graphic novels.

Grade 7 Student, TDSB

When you reach a certain area of the story, things get interesting. You get to code, like Scratch.

Grade 8 Student, TDSB

The drawings were really nice and the coding is the most creative thing about it.

Grade 7 Student, TDSB

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